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Nikki Makk is the latest musician to hail from the music rich city of new Orleans, Louisiana, specifically from the historic Hollygrove section of the 17th ward, home to other famous music greats such as Lil Wayne(Young Money Entertainment), the group Black Menace(formerly of Big Boy Records), and Fiend(formerly of Big Boy and later No Limit).

At the age of 12 Makk and his family uprooted to the 7th ward section of New Orleans, it was then his music skills began evolving.  Influenced by hip-hop heavyweights such as Tim Smooth, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kurrupt, Scarface, and Bustdown, the talented youngster caught the eye of a local label, Take Fo Records, who Makk joined DJ Jubilee as a label mate.  While there he released one project under the name Mr. Taz, and worked as a producer and writer for other artists.  Wanting to be more than just an artist, he decided to leave the label.

 Nikki found a business partner and formed his own label. Eventually his hard work would lead to collaboration with singer/songwriter, Dawn Richard, formerly of Danity Kane and Diddy’s Dirty Money. Bad business by Makk’s business partner would lead to a tarnished relationship with Dawn.  Exhausted from the string of bad business luck, in the cut throat music industry, Nikki Makk decided to return to school where he double majored in music business and audio engineering.

One of Makk’s most proud accomplishments happened in 2012 when he was contacted by Platinum League Trading cards, an interactive trading card brand for Hip-hop, to be one of 100 artist chosen. He would be seen in card bundles along with hip-hop legends such as Tupac, Biggie, and Snoop Dogg.  Nikki is certainly doing what it takes to become a household name in the music world.  He has his own label and is the brand ambassador for Harold Bernard and NVR GVN clothing.

Currently Nikki Makk is busy working on his album A.E.O.M. Lamborghini Living, which doesn't have a set release date. His single “Look”/A.E.O.M. (ALL EYES ON ME) is the out now on music sites available for purchase and download.

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